my sustainable style quest

My Sustainable Style Quest In keeping with the Pareto Principle, there is a rough statistic floating around that we wear 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time, and yet most of us still complain of having nothing to wear.

As a personal stylist, I have the intimate privilege of meeting many people and getting to know them through their closets – sometimes skeletons and all. It is an incredibly private and brave decision to let a stranger rummage through your racks, and often comes during a time of transition, upheaval, celebration or change. Our clothing is personal artifact, interlaced with threads of nostalgia that are woven over time and often we are loathe to let go. We hold on, hang up and put away those old favourites and go out and spend money on making new memories – not all of which suit us.

My sustainable quest is to open up closet doors, dust off the cobwebs and bring life to those forgotten familiars. I seek to alleviate the retail urge and reduce offshore fast-fashion consumption by custom-tailoring existing garments to truly flatter the individual form. Bringing fresh perspective and an inspired eye for detail, I strive to shop within existing wardrobes, sharing new style ideas to flatter and add personal confidence and flare. Intrinsic to this quest is the desire to be more gentle with one’s self; to embrace the body we live in today, not the one we hope for tomorrow.


Along the way I love to share styling, storage and sewing skills, and to encourage sustainable shopping habits.

Starting July 2010, my personal pledge is to not spend a single cent on clothing for the length of one year (underwear excluded). I pledge I will shop from within my own wardrobe, re-styling and redesigning both my existing wardrobe and the motley collection of op-shop garments, fabrics and trims that I have accumulated.

As a busy mum, my daily look can vary from high-function to high-fashion with many frocks in between. The second challenge of my personal project lies in exploring my own visual identity within this new hybrid style and making the time to create and document the process.

Oh, and I’m trying to not wear so much black…


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