tailored alteration service

in need of alterationmake, do, mend!

Have you got a closet full of quality garments that you don’t wear because you’re unhappy with the way they fit.

too big.. too tight.. too short.. too long.. looks like a sack.. great print, bad cut..

Perhaps you’ve struggled to find the right alteration place that understands your body type and styling needs.

Allow me to step in!

aesthetic alterations

By having a qualified fashion designer tailor your wardrobe, your garments will receive professional and aesthetic attention to detail.

A basic, straight dart is not The Sustainable Stylist’s solution to reduce the waist size on a bias cut, multi-panelled skirt. Each garment is individually assessed and altered to complement and enhance the integrity of the original design.

nip and tuck wardrobe surgery

As part of my wardrobe consultation, I arrive with a sewing kit of pins, needles, spare buttons, scissors and threads, ready to perform wardrobe surgery. A nip here, a tuck there, a new neckline or slim-lined sleeves…you’ll be amazed how much visual weight you can loose by having your garments tailored to truly flatter your form.

Alterations can be quick and easy – be it simply replacing the buttons on a favourite shirt, a design can go from looking old-fashioned and daggy to clean and contemporary – or alterations can be more involved – inserting panels and new seams, creating new necklines, unpicking and redesigning a sleeve head. Shirts and dresses can be totally cut up and turned into fancy neckpieces and scarves.

cheap offshore production vs quality refashioned style

With the offensively cheap prices of garments made in sweat shops offshore, it is true that instead of paying to have a garment altered, you could simply head out and buy a new piece…. but this does nothing to help reduce your fashion footprint and propitiates the fast-fashion cycle we’re trying to slow down.

Perhaps you haven’t noticed, but manufacturing standards for fabric production and garment production are on the decline and garments made in Oz are bound to become collectibles.

I propose that to truly reduce our fashion footprint, we take a leaf out of grannie’s handbook and ‘make, do and mend’, bringing new life and fresh perspective to our old wears.


Alteration costs are based on standard industry rates, with more complex refashioned pieces priced individually.

All fitting, pinning and redesigning is included in the cost of a personal style consultation.

Contact me to tailor your wardrobe to suit you..