shop with me – ethically

From high-end fashion to op-shop chic, The Sustainable Stylist – aka – Frockerphiliac –  can come along to take the stress and guess out of shopping.  I will create a personalised, sustainable shopping route for you, introducing you to new styles, and perhaps new labels that will cater to your personal style, your figure type and your budget. I offer accompanied shopping trips in Melbourne.

relegate retail remorse

Do any of these comments sound familiar to you?

  • I spent the day shopping and came home with nothing..
  • The shop girl talked me into buying this but I know I’ll never wear it..
  • They must have had a skinny mirror in that shop..
  • It was on sale, so I thought why not?
  • I took my daughter with me, but she didn’t like anything I tried on…
  • I was having a bad day and this made me feel better at the time..

personal styling shopping trips

Personalised, accompanied shopping trips can save you time and money and can alleviate the guilty remorse that follows an impulse buy.

I take the hard yards out of shopping by identifying the key style items within each store that will best suit you. Giving honest, constructive feedback, I explain which fashion cuts and silhouettes best complement your figure and will work with the retail staff to find alternative styles and fits.

shopping mindfully

A sustainable shopping trip reinforces the ethics behind my slow fashion principles.

  • we shop with a wish-list that has been developed by identifying key item gaps within your wardrobe.
  • we don’t buy garments that won’t integrate with your existing wardrobe colours and styles.
  • we shop within a budget and we respect the budget. lay-by’s are set-up to secure items that exceed the current budget – but only if they are really ‘necessary’.
  • we shop ethically, supporting Australian design and Australian manufacturing.
  • when possible, we shop locally, supporting independent store holders.

recycled, retro & vintage style

Some styling clients are willing to explore sustainable shopping further, by visiting vintage stores, thrift stores, clothing exchanges and outdoor markets. For those clients who are open to the experience of wearing pre-loved clothing, but don’t want to spend time scouring the racks, I will take their measurements and go recycled shopping for them – bringing pre-loved garments back to the comfort of their own home.

Benefits of pre-loved purchasing…

  • Quality recycled garments can be bought for a fraction of retail price.
  • You can develop a highly individual, personal style, knowing the racks aren’t full of the exact same garment that many others will be wearing at the exact same time.
  • You are more likely to explore a new personal style as it won’t be costing the earth.
  • There is a greater selection of style, colour and silhouette to choose from.
  • You are slowing down the cycle of more clothing being manufactured offshore.
  • You are preventing quality clothing from going to waste or landfill.

accompanied shopping trip logistics

the seven habits of highly effective, ethical shoppers

  1. a personal style consultation and wardrobe review is carried out to identify your body type, colour type and personal styling needs.
  2. a sustainable shopping wish-list is prepared. The emphasis in shopping sustainably is on the words ‘wish’ and ‘want’. The reality of mindful, ethical shopping is that what we want, what suits our figure type and what is in fashion may not always be aligned. The Sustainable Stylist can redesign your existing clothing and offers accompanied recycled shopping trips to fill in any of the gaps.
  3. we shop within a budget.
  4. we shop within a time frame – allowing ourselves time to stop and take stock after each 2.5 hours.
  5. we explore new colours, shapes and style ideas, some of which may at first seem challenging.
  6. we offer each other honest, objective feedback.
  7. we have fun!

Contact me to for an accompanied shopping trip…