personal styling

shop within your own wardrobe

Visiting you in the comfort and privacy of your home, I will listen to your needs, your fashion wants, your style hopes, your body gripes, your professional & lifestyle requirements and together we will work out a realistic budget and time frame to develop your unique, sustainable style.  With an emphasis on sustainability, I seek to first reuse and repurpose your exisiting wares, before sourcing locally and ethically for new and ‘missing link’ items.

personal styling

creation of new style combinations

The fun begins as we shop your wardrobe!

Using your existing garments, I will offer you new ideas and style suggestions, photographing each ‘look’ that we like. You will be amazed how many unworn outfits are hanging on your rack and how many ways you can wear your favourite garments.

personal styling

body shape and personal colour assessment

As we go, we will talk about your colour grouping and figure type and I will give you trade tips on how to best highlight and promote your greatest assets – and disguise your perceived problem areas. I will then send these tips through as a written summary along with a printed copy of your new ‘look book’ that you can stick inside your wardrobe to make your morning routine quicker, easier, stylish and stress-free!

personal styling

accompanied shopping trips

Personalised, accompanied shopping trips can save you time and money and can alleviate the guilty remorse that follows an impulse buy.

I take the hard yards out of shopping by identifying the key style items within each store that will best suit you. Giving honest, constructive feedback, I explain which fashion cuts and silhouettes best complement your figure and will work with the retail staff to find alternative styles and fits.

personal styling

tailored alteration service

make, do, mend!

Have you got a closet full of quality garments that you don’t wear because you’re unhappy with the way they fit?

too big.. too tight.. too short.. too long.. looks like a sack.. great print, bad cut..

Perhaps you’ve struggled to find the right alteration place that understands your body type and styling needs.

Allow me to step in!

wardrobe and space design

Have you got a wardrobe of great clothes but you can’t find them?

One of the reasons we continue to buy new clothes, is that we forget what we already have. Alongside colour and style assessments, I will streamline the way you organise your garments, finding practical and visually appealing alternatives to your current storage style.

I have also been known to arrive with my power drill to construct, assemble and install new storage alternatives… need a dedicated shoe cupboard perhaps?


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