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Working under the moniker of Frockerphiliac, I offer sustainable design and personal styling services, working one-on-one with clients to help explore their body shape, colour palette and visual identity all while minimising their fashion footprint.

personal stylists – the money myth

There seems to be a connotation of wealth associated with having a ‘personal stylist’. My dream is to debunk this myth and to demonstrate the costs benefits of making informed purchases that attune to one’s personal needs, colourings and body type.

Instead of wasting a fortune on garments that don’t suit you and hang guiltily in the back of the closet, I believe we can shop and live more sustainably by being informed and aware of the choices we make. Investment spending flows from qualitative motivations – awareness of our wants & needs, understanding of our physical form, resolution to spend ethically – avoiding mass-produced, off-shore garments made under questionable conditions.

Our wardrobes often carry the necessary basics upon which a defined, personal style can be created. A personal stylist can offer a fresh, professional perspective on how to wear and enhance your existing wares – all for around the cost of a pair of designer jeans!

personal styling –  how it works

Here’s a quick run-down of how my styling service works:

  • I work in 3 hour time blocks and I come directly to you.
  • I come with sewing kit, camera and full-length mirror.
  • Depending on your personal requests, we then start playing dress-ups.
  • I take photos of all new style combinations and put together a ready-reference ‘look-book’ to take the challenge out of getting dressed each morning.
  • I give you a written guide of do’s and don’t’s for your body type.
  • I pin, unpick and perform quick-fixes on any garments we both decide are worthy of a rework.
  • I take away complex alterations and design reworkings and return them to you after 2 weeks.
  • I compile a shopping wish-list, identifying the gaps that are preventing your wardrobe from working together and working on your body type.
  • I take you shopping to help fill the gaps.
  • I return as needed, to refresh the wardrobe and reinforce new style ideas.
  • I charge $120/hr for styling services.
  • Alterations are charged at industry rates.
  • Redesigned garments are priced individually.
  • I love what I do.
  • I believe in what I do.
  • I am great at what I do!

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