mental health workshops

refashioning workshops mental health creative art therapyLiving in Quebec City from 2004-2007, I collaborated with  Folie-Culture, a not-for-profit arts organisation, focused on bringing public sensitivity and awareness to the issues surrounding mental health.

Workshops were run over a period of 12 weeks, with participants exploring the process of using clothing deconstruction as a practical, emotional metaphor for self-reflection and change.

Working one-on-one and in collaboration with a local op-shop, each participant was given a generic garment or outfit as a starting point. By unraveling the uniformity and strict conformity of these garments, participants then learnt how to drape, collage and reconfigure them into sculptured forms of individual, non-conformist, wearable, art.

These were incredibly rewarding workshops, with beautiful interactions and profound outcomes – tangible and intangible. Each workshop culminated in a public exhibition and opening-night party, with great community support and exposure.

Images below showing Before – During – After process of participants’ work.

before sustainable reconstruction - the three piece suitsustainable refashioning reconstruction workshop in progressreconstructed sustainable clothing final design

uniform suit before sustainable deconstruction workshopsustainable reconstruction mental health clothing workshoprefashioned mental health sustainable workshop exhibition

clothing for mental health recycled reconstruction workshopgarment during mental health clothing reconstruction workshopreconstructed clothing mental health workshop exhibition

before reconstruction sustainable deconstruction workshopduring reconstruction mental health clothing workshopsustainable mental health clothing reconstruction exhibition

garments before recycled reconstructiongarment during mental health reconstruction workshopdesign after sustainable clothing reconstruction workshop

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