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The Sustainable Stylist design methodology begins with transformation through the rearrangement and repurposing, rather than entire replacement, of existing furniture and objects.

Sometimes the space you need is already within the footprint of your existing house and a renovation or extension isn’t actually required. By reconfiguring the  placement of your existing furniture and objects we curate your personal possessions to add warmth and style to your spaces.

Is your couch facing the wrong direction?

Do you need better storage for your books and music?

Would a feature light create better ambiance in your room?

A fresh coat of paint?

These are some of the little differences that transform a house into a warm and inviting home.

We encourage all of our clients to rearrange first,  renovate later. We offer a one-day interior ‘changing rooms’ service and sometimes two-days for larger houses with many rooms. We come armed with 2-4 able ‘rearrangers’ and all necessary tools of the trade to hang and reconfigure your possessions, and when necessary our preferred builder and electrician are available to really make some great, agreed-upon changes.

contact The Sustainable Stylist to rearrange your interiors and transform your rooms.