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kim kneipp the sustainable stylist interior fashion studio In May last year, the Melbourne-based photographer, Olga Bennett published a beautiful little book of the studio spaces of some of her favourite Melbourne creatives – including Suzy Tuxen, (who designed my Frockerphiliac graphic identity), Luci Everett (a very talented illustrator), my ever-favourite Ellie Mucke and amongst others – me!

I fell in love with Olga’s artistry when she first came to photograph the temporary studio I had set up in Hepburn Springs. Aside from having a wonderful sensitivity towards space and the dance of light, Olga lives an inspiring ethical life – effortlessly practicing all of the principles of which I write. She shops locally, organically and in season, she rides her bike (and doesn’t own a car), she supports local and ethical design and she is a practicing artist with great style.

Here is a little blurb on her book, taken from The Design Files.

Environments started as a little self-indulgent project.” Olga explains… “I decided to get in touch with a few creative people whose work I’ve been admiring for ages, and asked if I could come around and take some images of their studios…. While focusing on the details of the space and behind the scenes moments, I was hoping to capture the person who works in the space, without necessarily pointing my camera at them directly. I’ve been always inspired by documentary photography in my work and I tried to document those spaces as they are: messy, ordered, casual.”

Needless to say, the book was such a visual treat, that it very quickly sold out!

You can see more of Olga’s beautiful photography on her website and discover more on her blog. AND Stay tuned for some very beautiful photos Olga recently took of a big interior design project I also finished last year!

Olga’s photos of my studio also gained the attention of the ever-inspiring Pia Jane Bijkerk many moons ago. If you haven’t heard of this incredible lady, please also check her out her blog. A stylist, photographer and fellow book publisher, when Pia first contacted me she was living on a house boat in Amsterdam, after living and working in Paris. She has now moved back to Sydney – and has recently published her third book, ‘My Heart Wanders‘ visually documenting her journey.

Such a lovely compliment to have two incredibly inspiring ladies documenting and commenting on my work! Thank you! xx

kim kneipp the sustainable stylist interior fashion studio kim kneipp the sustainable stylist interior design fashion studio

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More photos by Olga Bennett of my temporary design studio in Hepburn Springs, as seen in her Environments book.