natural pampering

In the last edition of Peppermint magazine, I read a short list of luxury pampering items that came from the pantry.

Home from a day of pulling up carpets, removing staples from floor boards and the Sisyphean schlepping of piles of timber from home A to home B, I remembered this list and dug into my rapidly depleting stocks to emerge victorious with item #4 on the list – coconut milk.

Hailing from the tropics, I’m quick to embrace any foodstuff that brings me closer to the flavour of the sun and to make it all that bit more laksa-style soupy, I decided to throw in a couple of kaffir lime leaves for good measure.

Lying back in my wintery, aromatic bath, looking up at the ceiling, this is the view of which I dreamed.

coconut palm tropical viewImage from here.

I came out all wrinkly some time later, feeling oh so silky and smooth – and not smelling too much like a cheap cocktail or commercial suntan lotion.

A coconut milk bath is definitely worth a try!

The other items on the Peppermint magazine list were:

  • Tumeric – mix with almond oil and rub into the face and body to help detox and give your body a glow. Wash off after 10 minutes.
  • Rosemary – Steep in hot water and vinegar, let cool and rinse through your hair for luxurious locks.
  • Salt – Mix with a tablespoon of olive oil and use as a body exfoliant.
  • Tamanu nut oil – put straight onto your damp face after cleansing to give yourself a glow.

Yay for lait de coco!