My mum and I have been playing phone tag the past few days, trying to juggle the technological black hole that is our new home. In a final bid to reach me this evening, she sent through a link to a site she randomly stumbled across that she knew would tickle the fancy of my frock-o-linguistic heart.

Called The Phrontistery, (from the Greek phrontistes – meaning thinker), it is an online dictionary of obscure and rare words, delving into all sorts of random categories – from lists of words for ‘love and attraction’, ‘isms’, ‘manias and obsessions’ and ‘dance styles’ – to name but a few. There’s also a glorious list for fabric and cloth that she sent me directly to.

Do you think that with a bit of practice I’ll be able to casually throw words like ‘nankeen drabbet’ into my next frock rant and you’ll know I’m talking about a buff-coloured coarse linen?

Fitting the word ‘gynotikolobomassophile’ into conversation will perhaps prove to be more challenging. Pronunciation aside, how often do you discuss ‘someone who nibbles on women’s earlobes’? Then there’s that friend who loves to imitate Oriental porcelain(!)  Forthwith I shall simply refer to him as a ‘potichomaniac’.

Thanks for the link mumbelles!

Love from The Frockerphiliac.


how to fold a greek chitonI thought I’d use this occassion to truly honour the Greeks, not just for their role in word derivations, but also for their ultimate style contribution – the Chiton. A simple rectangular piece of cloth from whence all draped ensembles were formed, one was able to express their true status and individuality not only with choice and colour of cloth, but also with style and positioning of brooches and belts.

The following image come from – my go-to costume history reference site.

In a time when I believe we suffer from an over-abundance of choice, I heartily applaud the practical simplicity of antiquity…which is perhaps a statement somewhat hypocritical as I personally prefer multiple layers somewhat impractical. I often admire that which I am not.

And I do believe that the source of individuality and personal style can truly be found when everyone is forced to work with the same base materials. With a small canvas to express individuality in a mass of conformed, uniformity, this is why the men’s tie industry continues to flourish.

I hope you find a way to express your unique beauty today.