guide to the good life

One of the great follow-ons from The Age article was a small stint on TV!

Despite the normal, vain critiques I have in seeing myself on the screen (why didn’t anyone tell me my lipstick needed refreshing?), it’s great to see the refashioning movement gaining momentum. I was also excited to see my upside down and reversed jumpers promoted! If you haven’t heard of the Thread Den before, I highly recommend you drop in for a visit. Alongside a boutique of local-made fashion and accessories, they also offer ‘sewing classes and social sewing events’. Check out their timetable here.

This is part of a lifestyle show called Guide to the Good Life, hosted by Nicky Buckley and Andrew Gaze. I used to love watching Sale of the Century when I was a little girl, so I was quietly excited to hang out with Nicky for the day. Even if she didn’t pronounce my surname correctly…in case you’re wondering how to pronounce it, it’s Ka-nipe.