glory boxes

frankie magazine - for all things wonderfulLate last year Frankie magazine got in touch with me, asking if I was keen to be interviewed as part of an expose on six local, eco-businesses.

It’s not every day one of your favourite magazines contacts you for a story, so gleefully, and peachily, I replied. The resulting story (and even mugshot) were great and I was incredibly stoked to receive a small onslaught of encouraging emails and collaborative contacts. Angie Rehe illustrated me for her blog Patsyfox, Olga Bennett photographed my studio for her ‘environments project’ and as it turns out I have a second cousin who lives in WA whose wife, Jody Pearl also works with salvaged garments…

If you haven’t yet picked up a copy of Frankie, it may very well be time – refreshingly honest, insightful and on the pulse, it is almost impossible to not feel inspired by their lay of the land.

A couple of months ago Jo from Frankie shot through an another email asking what I knew about keeping clothes – how to know what to keep and how to keep things properly.

– – in respect of their copyright laws, i’ll not scan and post a copy of the article – besides, at only $8.95, it’s so much lovelier to feel the paper between your fingers and watch your anticipation grow as you prepare to turn the next page. – –

You can find some of my words on page 56.

And stay tuned for further updates on how to keep your glory box just that.