further reading – furnishing


‘Well-appointed patient rooms and spacious waiting rooms with comfortable furniture positively contribute to patient and family member satisfaction, decreased patient anxiety, and improved patient-provider communication.’
– Leather, P., Beale, D., Santos, A., Watts, J., & Lee, L. (2003). Outcomes of environmental appraisal of different hospital waiting areas. Environment & Behavior 35(6), 842-869.

‘Hospitals can promote social support by providing waiting rooms and lounges with comfortable furniture’
– Uchino BN, Garvey TS. The availability of social support reduces cardiovascular reactivity to acute psychological stress. J Behav Med. 1997;20(1):15-27.

‘…reducing staff stress by ergonomic interventions, as well as careful consideration of other issues such as air quality, noise, and light, can have significant impact on staff health’
– Role of the Physical Environment in the Hospital of the 21st Century.  Roger Ulrich, Craig Zimring, Xiaobo Quan, Anjali Joseph, and Ruchi Choudhary. Published by The Center for Health Design, 2004.