do you care for clothes?

1940's sustainable, personal style

I recently came across a few wartime newspaper clipping, issued by the British Board of Trade during World War II to encourage ladies to do their bit for the war effort by rethinking their relationship to their clothing.

This emissary echoes my sustainable sentiments:

– – – –

Do you care for clothes?


Before you decide that you simply must have a new frock of a skirt or blouse, look in the wardrobe cupboard. Maybe there’s a garment or two in there you’ve almost forgotten about. Your friends will have forgotten them too. So perhaps you’ll be able to make them look like new with the help of your two friends, the clothes brush and the iron, and a little cleverness and contriving on your part.

– – – –

Bolstered by today’s growing movement of mindful and ethical shoppers, by folk taking non-spending pledges and by the opening of socially responsible organisations, it seems we won’t need a bomb to fall to fire the spark of creative frugality.

Or perhaps, like me, global warming is one huge f-bomb that can’t be ignored.

Enough military speak. Hail to the Greens for their dedication to remove military language from internal lexicon. Yay for sustainable seats in the senate!