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take the challenge

Buying nothing new doesn’t mean going without. Take the Salvo's October challenge and make do with what you've already got. read more

the considered ensemble

Being found online and in print carries for me such a pure, naive glee. Yet truly incredible is finding joyful acceptance in the Country of Me. read more

glory boxes

Glory be to the glory box. Grab a copy of the latest Frankie magazine to read our ideas on how to best cull and care for your favourite clothing keepsakes. read more

on slowing the frock up…

Trouble magazine is an Australian-based street press magazine, dedicated to the arts. This month I have an article published - 'on slowing the frock up'. read more

do you care for clothes?

I recently came across a few wartime newspaper clipping, issued by the British Board of Trade during World War II to encourage ladies to do their bit for the war effort by rethinking their relationship to their clothing. read more

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