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enlightened design

Aptly named 'Peggy Sue', this elegant oeuvre by Melbourne-based designer Volker Haug, is a pendant light adorned with hundreds of wooden clothes pegs. read more

take the challenge

Buying nothing new doesn’t mean going without. Take the Salvo's October challenge and make do with what you've already got. read more

on finding worth in waste

At a time when fashion is questioned for it’s consumption and wasteful flippancy, MATERIALBYPRODUCT show us that not all by-products are destined for landfill and that mindfulness can be found in all things material. read more


Tyres were us. In a state of tire, I thought to share the work of some wonderful people who are experts of the medium. read more

on slowing the frock up…

Trouble magazine is an Australian-based street press magazine, dedicated to the arts. This month I have an article published - 'on slowing the frock up'. read more

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