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a happy refashioner

A lovely testimonial from a happy workshop refashioner. read more

guide to the good life

A small stint on TV! This is part of a lifestyle show called Guide to the Good Life, hosted by Nicky Buckley and Andrew Gaze. read more

on slowing the frock up…

Trouble magazine is an Australian-based street press magazine, dedicated to the arts. This month I have an article published - 'on slowing the frock up'. read more

do you care for clothes?

I recently came across a few wartime newspaper clipping, issued by the British Board of Trade during World War II to encourage ladies to do their bit for the war effort by rethinking their relationship to their clothing. read more

sustainable clothing workshops

Have you got a wardrobe full of things you never wear? Perhaps you collect ill-fitting op-shop garments that you never get around to altering? From mid August to the end of October, I will be running clothing reconstruction wardrobes, where participants can bring along a suitcase full of old (unworn) favourites, and over the course of 2, 3 or 4 sessions, we will turn these garments upside down, inside out... read more

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