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kim kneipp

Kim Kneipp is an interior stylist, personal stylist and workshop facilitator, living and working in Melbourne, Australia.

A qualified fashion designer with 15 years experience, Kim’s design methodology begins with transformation through the rearrangement and repurposing, rather than entire replacement, of existing clothing, furniture and objects.

Kim’s move into interior design followed 15 years in the fashion industry. From owning her own fashion label; working in theatre, film and retail; teaching design and styling to running clothing deconstruction workshops for the mental health sector in Canada and Australia, she is motivated by the belief that the objects that surround daily life are potential tools to secure calm, health and optimism.

As stylist for Peninsula Hot Springs, the ever-evolving popular natural day spa on the Mornington Peninsula, Kim is charged with the design of new spaces, the refurbishment of existing spaces and daily design solutions to create an experience of tranquility, beauty and comfort, sympathetic to the surrounding natural environment.

Her goal is to dress rooms and clothe clients with independence and confidence, giving accessible tools and realistic style ideas that tread gentle footprints, both on the earth we live and within the practicalities of the life we lead.

Kim is the principle designer and founder of The Sustainable Stylist.


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