I’m a touch tired tonight, having spent the last few days juggling home renovations, flash flooding, slightly stressed, visiting in-laws in a state of no-electric shock, helping cook in the dark for a banquet of 22 yogis, running a sustainable style workshop, crafting father’s-day love letters, and all that other practical mum stuff in between – cooking-cleaning-washing-playing-reading-hugging-disciplining-skipping-shopping. And stopping to play with caterpillars.

So, in a state of tire, I thought to share the work of some wonderful people who are experts of the medium.

Let’s start with some sustainable style, courtesy and creation of My Sister’s Art.

my sister's art - helen necklace - refashioned tyres

my sisters art - katharine long necklace

my sister's art -marya bracelet

I love the casual elegance and matt-black finish of these wears.

From the physical to the spacial, if you haven’t yet read/heard/seen the film Garbage Warrior about Michael Reynolds, check him out.

Amongst other things he uses tyres, bottles and beer cans to build solar passive homes that allow you to live off the grid, rarely paying any utility bills. Living in the depths of a North American, snowed-in winter, you can stay warm just from the heat trapped and generated by the building, you can also continue to grow tropical fruits and vegies in your kitchen garden. You can read all about his Earthship projects here. From domestic designs to social interventions, I love this guy’s principled perseverance.

Earthship recycled design materials

earth ship - eve bottles

earth ship - phoenix hallway

Some of these images came from Heather McGrath‘s photo journal.

And finally, a sculpted form by Chakaia Booker. I found this image here.

chakaia booker - recycled tyre sculpture

There are loads of wonderful creations now being made from recycled tires and rubber. In Melbourne, you can look for some at Friends of the Earth and the Green Collective. Or if you’re up my way, drop into Can’t Think Straight on the main street of Daylesford – they have lots of lovely, recycled, creative bits.